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Belmont Village,Encino has had the good fortune of working with Lisa at Windrush Gifts.She's  a passionate and artistic advocate for creating products  that inspire  peace and tranquility. Lisa worked closely with our community to select chimes,crystals, and ornaments that  not only resonate with our residents but provide comfort and healing.I cannot recommend Lisa and her talented team high enough for service, style, and dedication

-Michael Peikoff
Community Relations, Belmont village, Encino, CA

I have the Olympian Rings with Crystals hanging under my back patio and the setting sun hits the crystals and makes a beautiful reflection on the house! The stainless steel still looks perfect and sparkles as it turns in the wind!

-Mary Lou Westermoreland 
Northridge, California

I have I want to tell you how wonderful I feel with the garden art I purchased. The quality is amazing. My beautiful pieces have lasted longer than anything I have had before from other companies. I want to thank you for putting so much time into every piece you create. I can sit outside and watch the colorful crystals I have reflect the colors in my garden. These also make great gifts and the pricing is very reasonable. Everyone I have gifted the pieces in your current collection to have also loved them.

-Stephanie Short
Dana Point, California

I have 44. I have so many of the windrush products, but a few of my favorites are the glass tear drops. You can hang them from trees and see how they reflect off the sun or put them in pots you have on the ground perhaps where you have your herbs planted for a little extra sparkle or even in a flower arrangement inside. The teardrop crystal spinner is another favorite of mine. Mine is hanging in a tree, the he way the crystal catches the light and how it spins with the soft breeze from the wind. The stainless steel adds more sparkle depending on how the sun is shining.

-Linda Byerly
Oak Park, California

I received the lovely Butterfly Crystal Spinner as a gift from a friend.  Though I live in the city, I hung it on my back porch.  Love it!  

-Monica Surrena 
Los Angeles, California